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Discover our recipe for meaningful, memorable gift-giving.

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What's our Recipe for Memorable Gift-Giving?

Gift deliciously. We believe that when something to eat, something to keep, and something to share come together in a thoughtful gift, you not only have the recipe for a memorable gift but for staying connected, even when you are apart.

Something to eat

We believe that a memorable gift not only sparks joy but also creates a moment of connection. Nothing can do this quite like food. Food is the ingredient that brings us together. 

Something to Keep

Special keepsakes or treasured mementos are the mark of a meaningful gift. Each Gather Gift includes a keepsake to be enjoyed well beyond the unwrapping.

Something to Share

Not only are recipes meant to be shared, but because they are an expression of who we are and where we come from, recipes are an extremely personal gift in themselves. And, they are a great excuse to gather - grab a friend and create the recipe together.

Three Ways to gift

Curated Gifts
Curated Gifts

Our curated collection includes something for everyone. We keep it fresh adding new gifts seasonally, as well as your favorite bestsellers.

Choose the perfect gift
Build a Gift
Build a Gift

Choose your favorite something to eat, keep, and a recipe to share to create the most personal gift. We can't wait to see what you design!

Start Designing
Custom & Corporate Gifting
Custom & Corporate Gifting

Our gift concierge program provides a low-lift, high-value service, and thoughtful, high-impact gifts. It's seamless, stress-free, and flexible.

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