About Us

Our Mission...

Is to nurture joy and connection between friends, family, and communities through inspiring food experiences.  

We believe that food brings people together, so we've created a place that connects people through gifting their greatest food memories and favorite flavors. We've built a platform that enables shared experiences, exciting finds you can't wait to share, and, importantly, gratitude, thankfulness, and connection.  

We understand how important our mission is. We exist to bring a smile to people's faces, an edible hug, a connection to a loved one even though you may not be with them. We long to provide a moment of nostalgic comfort, a craving from a beloved food memory. We're excited to fulfill our mission by curating food gifts that both the recipient and giver still want to talk about years after the gift has been opened.


Our Merchandise

Gather provides an extensive variety of the highest quality artisan Made in the USA essential ingredients for kitchen + home. Every item we select is small-batch made and whenever possible local to you. And, every selection has been personally tasted, tested, and approved by the Gather family.

A Holistic Approach

A lot of companies only focus on serving one type of person. Gather is different. Here, you'll discover unique, hand-curated gifts that include items that complement one another and designed to inspire an opportunity to gather.

Built for Efficiency

We'll deliver your gift to you and yours for free. No hassles, no exceptions. And, if you're located in the Birmingham, AL area, we'll hand-deliver your gift the same day, or whenever you'd like. 

A Message from our Founder

I believe that authentic connection, spending time with the ones we love, is critical to overall health and well-being for both individuals and society. We shouldn't have to carve out time, need to throw a party, or wait for holidays to have fun, laugh, love, and feel alive, to be thankful for the gift of a loved one in our life. 

But, as a working mother, I know what it's like to feel tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. To feel like you simply don't have time to do the things you want to do - the things you need to do - to "fill your bucket" or that of others. 

In Gather, I envision a fun, helpful way for busy people to be inspired to come together, celebrate one another, and importantly, stay connected even if we are apart. 

- Malissa Nelson, Founder