A Commitment to Community

At Gift + Gather, we believe that we can promote community and social conscience. 

Our purpose is rooted in human connection. It is what allows us as people to thrive, have meaning, and feel fulfilled. It's about how we show up for one another - even if we're miles apart. And do so on any random day, not just special occasions. Every day since our launch in March 2020 has affirmed how important our mission of nurturing connection and community through inspiring food experiences - one gift, one gathering at a time, is. We try to tend to this mission often and with intention. That's why today is especially exciting. Since the beginning, we've been working to determine how to incorporate giving beyond gifts into our platform. While we have big plans for the future, tomorrow is never guaranteed, and so we must start today by donating 1% of all sales. With our promise to donate, you can always be confident that your purchase is directly helping others (in addition to making a special someone's day with a delicious gift!).

Though 1% may sound small, the impact is MUCH larger than donating profits for a small business. Since profit is calculated after all expenses are paid out, we can anticipate our profit being small for the next few years as we grow our company. We feel that a percentage of sales is a more impactful way of calculating donations. As we grow, we'll continue to evaluate and make changes that ensure we're making the biggest impact we can. ⠀⠀⠀

We have identified No Kid Hungry as the cause that we'll donate to initially. We'd like your input. If there is a cause or charity that you support, we want to know. Email us at hello@shopgiftandgather.com or send us a DM.